Exhibitors of all different genres will deliver enlightening takes on a variety of subjects, directly from their booths on the Show Floor.

Baltimore, MD (July 17, 2014) — The Baltimore Summer Antiques Show has announced an exciting new series of informative and educational Booth Talks for the upcoming show, taking place August 21-24, 2014. With varying and riveting subject matters, the Booth Talks are scheduled for the weekend beginning Friday, August 22 and continuing through Sunday, August 24. All talks will take place in the presenting exhibitor’s booth on the show floor of the Baltimore Summer Antiques Show.


Friday, August 22 – 11:30 AM : Crown Furniture: A Collaborative Effort

Michael Amontree & Leslie Allen

Continental Furniture: BOOTH # 2137

Learn about the Palais-de Versailles and the Chateau de Fountainbleau, two residences for the French monarchy known for their vast collection of decorations and furniture.  With the advancement of the Age of Enlightenment by Louis XVI, procurement and new artisans were hired as rococo was fading to neoclassicism.  The Crown Furniture Warehouse was charged with procurement, storage, movement, and maintenance.


Friday, August 22 – 12:30 PM: The Art of the Screw…(Painting that is), and the Re-imagination of the Book.

Lawrence Cantor

Lawrence Cantor Fine Art : BOOTH # 1418

This two-part talk will discuss two very talented artists, Andrew Myers and Kerry Miller, and their unique methods that both artists have developed after years of experimentation.


Friday, August 22 – 1:30 PM : Humor in Antiques

Patricia Funt

Patricia Funt Antiques: BOOTH # 2215

Patricia Funt’s father was the creator of the first reality TV show, “Candid Camera.” Growing up with a Dad who was in the business of making people laugh, she was drawn to humor. As an antique dealer, she has found humor in the artifacts man has created over the centuries, carrying punch lines and continuing to make people smile.


Friday, August 22 – 2:30 PM : Buliding an Affordable Art Collection: Navigating Today’s Market in Search of Value

Carole Pinto

Carole Pinto Fine Art: BOOTH # 2249

The premise that one has to be rich in order to purchase museum quality art is put to rest thanks to a lively presentation covering topics such as: how to develop a critical eye to what constitutes value in a work of art, and different venues for buying and selling works of art.


Friday, August 22 – 3:30 PM: Raising Cane

Gary Durow

Wooden Skate Antiques: BOOTH # 2140

In America there were 1,500 patents for gadget canes by 1915. Guns, swords, surgical instruments, fishing poles, and microscopes were all built into a cane. Canes weren’t made to hold people up, they were worn as a way to make a statement. Hear fascinating stories about these canes and those who used them.


Friday, August 22 – 4:30 PM: The Magic of Fore-edge Painting

Steven Martin

Sonny Ideker, Bookseller: BOOTH #1234

A look at the history and art of the fore-edge painting – what to look for in your search for hidden treasures. Fore-edge paintings never fail to amaze those who don’t expect it. For those who have already seen the magic, or are lucky enough to own one, the discussion will touch on the care needed to maintain its beauty, and how to properly display it.


Friday, August 22 – 5:30 PM: 19th Century Staffordshire: Facts & Figures

Elinor Penna

Elinor Penna: BOOTH # 2601

Why Staffordshire? Where and how the figures were made, source material for the potters, how they were sold, the good ones, the bad ones and how to tell the ugly reproductions.

Saturday, August 23 – 11:30 AM: How to Tell A Great Cup & Saucer from a Clunker

Judith Ravnitzky

Judith Ravnitzky: BOOTH # 1754

Find out what makes a cup and saucer valuable. Hear an expert discuss how to choose a cup and saucer you will love for life.


Saturday, August 23 – 12:30 PM: Starting to Collect Silver

Gary Niederkorn

Niederkorn Silver: BOOTH # 924

Learn the basics to watch for when starting to collect silver. Hear advice that will be of great use to the beginning collector but will also be helpful to old hands at collecting as well.  Learn why silver has such a long history with mankind.


Saturday, August 23 – 1:30 PM: The Science of Art

Michael Teller

TK Asian Antiquities: BOOTH # 1516/1617

Hear examples and a brief discussion of the scientific analysis of ancient metals, ceramics and organic material for the purpose of authentication. From radiocarbon dating to x-ray diffraction, this riveting discussion touches all aspects of the Science of Art.


Saturday, August 23 – 2:30 PM: Charles Catteau and the Golden Age of Belgian Art Deco Ceramics

Susan Tillipman

TOJ Gallery: BOOTH # 1742

A discussion around the premise of Catteau, a Frenchmen, who was hired as the head of the decoration department of Boch Freres Keramis in La Louviere, Belgium and in 1920 created the Atelier de Fantasie. Charles Catteau and his staff developed 2300 numbered designs, receiving international recognition at the Paris Decorative Arts Exhibition in 1925, and winning a gold medal and raising the profile of BFK. Learn how his success had an ancillary affect on the other glass and ceramics factories, which have created stunning pieces that are sought after to this day.


Saturday, August 23 – 3:30 PM: Serious and Fun Series Books for Everyone

Lee Temares

Lee & Mike Temares: BOOTH # 2413

Children’s Series, also known as Juvenile Series, are a fun collectible for all ages and levels of affluence. One can collect reading copies of old favorites, or be serious with mint copies of first editions, which rival the most expensive of modern first editions. Come learn the difference and see examples.


Saturday, August 23 – 4:30 PM: The Care and Feeding of Your Antique Clock

Robert Capone & John Liversidge

Hands of Time: BOOTH # 2123

The clock experts from Hands of Time will show you how to avoid common mistakes when purchasing an antique clock. In addition, listen to a senior horologists discuss basic operation, care and maintenance of your clock.


Sunday, August 24 – 12:30 PM: Circa 1900: A Global Aesthetic Revolution, Regional Forms, and the Dissemination of Design Vocabulary

Fred T. Parks

Fred T. Parks Art & Objects: BOOTH # 1717

Hear interesting facts about the late 19th century and early 20th century design periods from the Aesthetic Movement, Art Nouveau, and Arts & Crafts Movement: exploring its roots, key figures, and how design concepts were transmitted internationally.


Sunday, August 24 – 1:30 PM: Celebrating the Exuberance and Beauty of American Folk Art, 1770-1840

Bev Norwood

The Norwoods’ Spirit of America: BOOTH # 1710

This discussion will overview the origins and qualities of exceptional American folk art from the time of the American Revolution through the early decades of the new nation.  With focus on the creative spirit and exemplary skills of America’s first generations, the discussion will highlight select carvings, portraiture, paintings, sculpture, schoolgirl works and other fine objects.


Sunday, August 24 – 2:30 PM: Russian Jewels & Treasures

Marie E. Betteley

Marie E. Betteley: BOOTH # 1934

Explore the fascinating world of Romanov era jewels and treasures with noted expert Marie Betteley.  Learn about Russian hallmarks from Moscow and St. Petersburg and how to identify styles of jewelry workmanship from the land of the Tsars.


Sunday, August 24 – 3:30 PM: Expressionism: From Thousands of Years of Figuration to Subjective Art in Two Decades

Bill Robinson

20th Century Collection: BOOTH # 2219

Art was altered in a profound way with the advent of World War I–figuration was no longer sufficient to express the horrors of war on a pan European scale. Artists on both sides of the conflict were appalled by the destruction and magnitude of the conflict and fought back with works of art that showed not only the futility of the war but the greed and arrogance of the aristocracy and political/social order.  It was essential for these artists to reflect the mental anguish of both combatants and civilians.  From these darkly subjective images grew the roots of a new form of art from Expressionism to Dada to Abstract Expressionism, to Avant-Garde to Constructivist to pure Abstraction and more.

Now celebrating its 34th year, the Baltimore Summer Antiques Show will make its annual return to the Baltimore Convention Center August 21-24. The expansive show will present the spectacular collections of more than 550 international exhibitors, including an international book fair section – making it, once again, Maryland’s largest antiques event and the largest indoor antiques show in the country.


About the 2014 Baltimore Summer Antiques Show

August 21-24, 2014

Thursday, August 21         12 pm – 8 pm

Friday, August 22               11 am – 7 pm

Saturday, August 23        11 am – 7 pm

Sunday, August 24           11 am – 6 pm

Tickets: $20 (each ticket is good for all 4 show days)


Baltimore Convention Center

One West Pratt Street

Baltimore, MD 21201

(Two main entrances: West Pratt Street Lobby & Charles Street Lobby)


For More Information: Visit www.BaltimoreSummerShow.com or Call 561.822.5440

The Baltimore Summer Antiques Show is a Palm Beach Show Group Event.


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